We’ve been giving the new Nike+ Sportwatch GPS a serious workout the last few weeks. Unlike most watches we cover on Selectism, the Nike+ Sportwatch is really meant to be used while running. Both avid and new runner alike will enjoy the benefits of the Sportwatch. For an information junkie like myself, the watch allowed for a transition off the treadmill and onto the streets while retaining an understanding of my time and distance – both of which are highly motivating factors for me while on the road.

Those familiar with the Nike+ Sportsband will very much appreciate the advanced in the new watch. The addition of the TomTom GPS receiver compliments the standard Nike+ footpod which is used to record your steps and distance. When in sync, the two offer an accurate and instant recording of your distance and speed. A hidden USB connector in the wrist strap easily connects to your Mac or PC to allow for uploading your runs onto Nike’s Running site. There, via Google Maps, you can trace back your run and even check your run elevation as well as compare runs historically.

The large face readout makes it pretty damn easy to see your time and distance while on the go. Additionally, it would seem that the Nike+ Sportwatch is not just limited to your workout cycles: this week we noted more than a few people in New York City alone wearing as an everyday watch. Go figure.

Photography: Selectism.com

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