01. Homebrewing: How to Grow Hops at Home

“Growing hops at home is a great way to get a better understanding of your homebrewing ingredients, and it’s always fun to get more hands-on when you’re making your own beer. Hops have beautiful wide, flat leaves and grow easily up a lattice or a string from the ground connected high on a fence or a wall. For people who want to use their home-grown hops in their homebrew, the string method is preferred since it makes harvesting easier. For people looking for a decorative, aromatic vine, a lattice works well.” (Serious Eats).

02. Rocky Mount, Virginia Memorial Day Car Show 2011 (Above).

03. Qatar’s Bin Hammam accused of buying 2022 World Cup

“Suspended Fifa vice-president Jack Warner has made public an e-mail that claims Mohamed Bin Hammam “bought” the 2022 World Cup finals for Qatar.” (BBC).

04. Kelly Rowland f. R. Kelly “Motivation (Remix)”

“This week Beyonce thanked Kelly Rowland, her perpetual number-two, as she was crowned role model/entertainer of the millennium at the height of a week-long resurgence. But, for the moment, American radio prefers princess Kelly—”Motivation”‘s at the top of the R&B charts this week. No one wants her to feel her legs, either! R. Kelly jumps in without hesitation, ready to make a next generation of satisfied, little Kellys with Rowland. Last week The-Dream also stepped in to please Rowland, you can download his remix below. Raunch vocals aside, it’s possible the real pleasure-peak of “Motivation” is its Jim Jonsin instrumental—hear how Brenmar stripped it naked and let it stand on his own for the outro of his Gold Bricks FADER mix.” (The Fader).

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