01. Ink-n-Iron 2011 Redux (Above)

“We’re back in Brooklyn after a gorgeous weekend in Long Beach for the Ink-n-Iron Tattoo & Kustom Culture Fest…and really not a moment too soon as the California sun, cool breezes and laid-back dudeness were dulling our New York self-righteousness and sarcasm. But we made it back in one angry piece.” (Needles & Sins).

02. A New VC Model That Turns Designers, Not Techies, Into Startup CEOs

“Enrique Allen had an epiphany one morning about how to bring design literacy to Silicon Valley. Instead of spending so much of his energy mentoring and consulting with startups about how to bring iterative creative thinking and a respect for user experience to their company culture, why not do the inverse? “I realized I should be helping designers become more startup-ey,” Allen tells Co.Design. “Those are the people, who, if they become leaders of a company, will model that ‘designery’ behavior that from its inception, right in the company’s DNA.” So he started The Designer Fund to give entrepreneurial designers an on-ramp into the Silicon Valley world of angel investor networks, demo days, and funding rounds. “It’s about helping to give designers a seat at the startup table that engineers and MBAs already have,” Allen says. The intended result: Smarter companies, better products, happier users — and an improved world.” (Fast Company).

03. Burgermat art show and pop-up dinner, London

“Thanks to a growing revival that’s been sweeping cities worldwide, the burger – that simple staple of meat between two buns – has become the recipient of more variations on a theme than most food combinations. Fuelled by their mutual obsession, Daniel Young – creator of cult burger meet-up events BurgerMonday and youngandfoodish.com – together with fellow blogger Burgerac (who unsurprisingly met at a burger meetup in London) have joined forces for the first ever Burgermat art show and pop-up dinner. ” (Wallpaper*).

04. Clint Dempsey Will Not Be Composing A Rap Song About This Moment

“Jozy Altidore, from distance. Yes, it was a goal against Guadeloupe, and, yes, it was the only goal against Guadeloupe, but if anything could make a U.S. fan feel better about limping into the CONCACAF Gold Cup’s knockout stages with a 1-0 result against a team from the Lesser Antilles, it was this.” (Deadspin).

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