01. Woman goes for a walk, finds prehistoric bison
“Wow! I love this story of how Nature Conservancy program coordinator Lisa Wrinkle stumbled across a fossilized bison while on a hike with her mother and her children. Seriously, this is the sort of thing I dreamed might happen to me when I was 5.” (boingboing)

02. MAD Magazine: A Semi-Secret History (above)
A beautifully done photo walk through the history of MAD Magazine. (life)

03.The Stockholm Syndrome Theory of Long Novels
“We’ve all been there; we’ve all fibbed our way through a “What have you read lately?” conversation at least once in our lifetimes, replacing Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” with George Eliot’s “Middlemarch.” Mark O’Connell from The Millions describes this experience in his recent essay “The Stockholm Syndrome Theory of Long Novels” (6thfloor)

04. Tombow Mono Zero Stick Eraser Review
“The shortest review ever on DMP? Well, I could just leave it there, and I have found the Tombow Mono Zero 2.3mm diameter stick eraser so useful I am very tempted to do just that for maximum impact, but that would make me a plagiarist, and not really provide some information that folks might find useful.” (davesmechanicalpencils)

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