Art June, 22 2011

David Zink Yi “Pneuma”

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One week from today, on Wednesday, 29 June, Hauser & Wirth New York will unveil the much-anticipated first U.S. solo exhibition of Berlin-based Peruvian artist David Zink Yi.  The show includes photography and video, and a massive sculptural installation capturing the strange magic and otherworldly poignance of Architeuthis, the storied giant sea squid.

The exhibition at Hauser & Wirth takes its name from the 16-millimeter short film ‘Pneuma,’ which features Cuban trumpeter Yuliesky Gonzalez Guerra, a member of De Adentro y Afuera, Zink Yi’s Cuban band. In a single take, Guerra is seen walking from the blurry background directly toward the camera until his face fills the frame in perfect focus. Taking three deep breaths, he places the trumpet in front of his face, disappearing behind its bell. The trumpet’s golden funnel replaces the musician’s features for about 40 seconds while he holds a single high C. The film lasts as long as Guerra can hold the note and ends abruptly at the moment he stops from exhaustion, lowers his instrument, and gasps for air.

The show will run through July 30, 2011.

Hauser & Wirth New York
32 East 69th Street
New York NY 10021

A selection of preview images follow after the jump.