01. Avery Dennison Brand Experience Contest Winners

“The 2011 Avery Dennison Brand Experience Contest Winners have been announce at the first annual The Dieline Package Design Conference. Check them out below! For more information on the Avery Dennison Brand Experience Contest and to see more work of the Winners and Finalists… ” (dieline)

02. Japanese Bagelhead Body Modification Makes Us Want to Switch to Kaiser Rolls

“The latest trend in Japan has turned body modification on its delicious, cream cheese filled head. We thought things were getting crazy when people started getting elf ear surgery, but Japan had to prove once again that they’re weirder than the rest of the world. (At least elf ears can be hidden under long hair—you’d need some serious bangs to cover up a bagelhead.) ” (ithings)

03. eBay watch: 1970s Philips 22 GF 623 portable stereo record player (above)

“Once again, a portable turntable catches our eye, this time the Philips 22 GF 623 portable stereo record player. Dating back to the 1970s (you might have guessed that), this is a three-speed player that’s both portable and stylish, not least when the whole thing packs away into a cool orange ‘briefcase’. See the listings for lots of pictures of that.”(retro2go)

04. Walking Around In Circles: As Google+ Opens Up Will People Start Using It Correctly?

“Last night, I wrote up my initial thoughts on Google+ after using it for a day. Overall, I find it pretty compelling so far. While there is a bit of a learning curve, after about 15 minutes, I found myself at home using the service. And little things (namely notifications) kept bringing me back. But let’s be realistic, it has only been a day. The new car smell has yet to wear off. And I have also noticed a few other things that may spell trouble down the road.” (techcrunch)

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