01. Nico Muhly’s Two Boys

“Two teenage boys huddle over laptops, conversing in text speak online. So far, so normal in our multimedia lives. Except that this is an opera, and the text speak is being sung at the audience. Trust Nico Muhly to drag the opera world kicking and screaming firmly into the 21st century. The much-feted contemporary 30-year-old composer, whose credits include writing the soundtrack to ‘The Reader’, is back with ‘Two Boys’, his first full-length opera production. It is a stark, groundbreaking performance, set in the murky world of online chat rooms where nobody is as they seem and sexual predators lurk around every corner. We caught up with Muhly to discuss the challenges of working on such an ambitious project.” (Dazed).

02. Kanye West and Jay-Z Offer ‘Watch the Throne’ Pre-Order

“Kanye West and Jay-Z’s long-awaited Watch the Throne album is one step closer to a release date and, as of the evening of July 3, fans can preorder it via West’s official site and the newly created www.watchthethrone.com.” (Hollywood Reporter).

03. Copa America: The Grantland Preview (Above)

“Like the Gold Cup, the only thing at stake in the Copa America, South America’s regional tournament, is an invitation to the 2013 Confederations Cup. That and continental bragging rights, the future of some of globe’s most powerful footballing nations, the employment status of several coaches and the still-in-the-writing legacy of the greatest player in the world.” (Grantland).

04. A Walk Through The Art of Daily Life: Portable Objects from Southeast Africa

“Wooden staffs, antelope headrests, snuff containers, and intricate beaded creations are among the 70pieces featured in The Art of Daily Life exhibition, on view at the museum through February 26, 2012. Taken together, these objects weave a story about daily life, culture, and worldview in Southeast Africa.” (ClevelandArt).

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