01. The mysterious protractors of Pittsburgh
“One of the oddest things I’ve seen since coming to Pittsburgh was a protractor superglued to the stone in my neighborhood. It turns out that there are hundreds of them cropping up, sealed to surfaces so securely that authorities intend to charge whoever is doing it with a felony. Each is penned with a unique number, and tracking them down is becoming a local mystery. One blogger created a map of them, but took the post down after it hit the news” (boingboing)

02. Dubble Bubble: The American Folk Tale Collection (above)
“The American Folk Tale Collection for Dubble Bubble is a unique line of bubblegum carrying cases that is sure to pop into the hearts of youngsters and grown-ups alike. The packaging itself is a reusable storage container with a unique Folk Tale character that is tied to the flavor of the each box. The challenge for this project was to create the packaging out of a single piece of cardboard for easy assembly and minimal waste.” (dieline)

03. iPhone SLR Mount
huh? (coolhunting)

04. Mark Nixon’s “Chimecco”: A Bigger, Better Windchime at Sculpture by the Sea
“The gold-anodized aluminum pipes—600 in all—which are attached to the underside of the bridge, can be “played” by manipulating spring-loaded nodes on the surface. While their diameter is fixed at 50mm each, the pipes vary in length—and pitch—from 120mm to 3750mm (over 10 feet), as in a traditional windchime.” (core77)

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