01. Black Milk & Jack White: The Story (Pictured)

“It’s a pretty crazy feeling when you’re going about your regular, every day routine in the studio and all of sudden you get a phone call that Jack White wants to work with you. The email to my manager came from Jack White himself. My first reaction was one of shock that an artist like him, who most people would categorize as a rock star, would want to work with an independent hip-hop artist. My second reaction was surprise that he even knew I existed, even though we’re from the same city.” (Black Milk)

02. Label Watch: Visvim

“Started by Hiroki Nakamura ten years ago, Visvim first came to our attention when we heard about their novel online sale process (you ask for their permission to buy an item and, if you’re lucky and get chosen, are allowed to buy said item) and the five year process of joining a committee to use a certain type of cotton. We caught up with Hiroki himself to talk processes, manufacturing, prices and the exact deal with that cotton committee.” (Esquire)

03. Rupert Murdoch facing BSkyB defeat as parties unite in call to drop takeover

“Rupert Murdoch will face the humiliation of the Commons issuing a unanimous all-party call for his scandal-ridden News Corporation to withdraw its £8bn bid for BSkyB, the great commercial prize he has been pursuing to cement his dominance of the British media landscape.” (Guardian)

04. Paul Williams Tops Erislandy Lara In One Of The Worst Decisions You’ll Ever See

“Sometimes when boxing gets bad decisions, calls that make people throw around the word “robbery,” there’s some way I can figure out how it ended up that way. Saturday night on HBO, when the judges committed grand larceny against Erislandy Lara on the scale of “Ocean’s Eleven,” there is simply no justification or rationalization that anyone could use to plausibly argue that Paul Williams actually deserved to win that fight.” (Queensbury Rules)

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