01. Bright Thinking (Student Work)

“The brief was to design a contemporary light bulb pack promoting the new energy efficient LED lighting for the main DIY retailers in the UK and possibly Europe, the package must fulfil the four main needs of the consumer; transport, storage, usage and disposal.” (potw)

02. How-To Replace a Kitchen Faucet With Mandi

“Replacing your old kitchen faucet is a lot easier than you may think. With a couple of tools and the inspiration to save money from the plumber, Mandi will demonstrate how you can have a new faucet in no time.” (eyehandy)

03. Tally-Ho and “Bee” Playing Cards (above)

“Tally-Ho and “Bee” playing cards have been the professionals’ choice for decades due to their high quality stock, feel, and finish. The “Bee” and Tally-Ho Titanium Editions are a special edition series based on the traditional designs.” (dieline)

04. Kitintale Uganda Skateboard Union: Help Rebuild the Half-Pipe
“We got wind (or should we say air) on an incredible build project benefiting the Uganda Skateboard Union in Kitintale, a working-class suburb of the city of Kampala. The neighborhood is home to East Africa’s first skate park and has become the ongoing subject of photographer Yann Gross’ series, Kitintale Skates.” (core77)

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