Sneakers August, 1 2011

    Supra NYC Store – A Look Inside

    The practice of lining up for shoes outside the store on the sidewalk in the wee hours of the morning hasn’t occurred in some time, but it was alive and well at the opening of the brand new SUPRA NYC store located at 4 Prince St. in the heart of SoHo. People started camping out shortly after 3 a.m. the night before and, by opening, the line of SUPRA fans stretched all the way down the block. The store marks the first move of the fast growing footwear brand into retail, with a Paris store having opened the same week. At opening, they released a special New York City Vaider sneaker, which we already presented here.

    Supra NYC Flagship Store
    4, Prince Street
    SoHo, NYC

    Take a detailed look inside the new Supra NYC Store after the jump.