01. shingo masuda+katsuhisa otsubo + yuta shimada: little hilltop with wind view (Pictured)

“Tokyo-based practice shingo masuda+katsuhisa otsubo architects has shared with us images of ‘little hilltop with wind view’, an 8 meter-tall viewing tower on the hill of a wind farm in shimonoseki city, japan. a collaborative effort with japanese architect yuta shimada, the design offers a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape that highlights other elements of the site such as the wind, flowers and clouds.” (designboom)

02. The Life & Times Of M. Serge Gainsbourg

“It’s 20 years since Serge Gainsbourg died, an event that went practically unnoticed in Britain both on the day it happened and on the anniversary, though across La Manche, March 2nd 1991 was a day of mourning unparalleled. The language used then by François Mitterrand – “He was our Baudelaire, our Apollinaire… he elevated the song to the level of art” – was not dissimilar to the gushing “people’s Princess” rhetoric deployed by Tony Blair when Diana Wales also died unexpectedly in Paris one night in the 1990s. Though politicians are adept at wringing the auspices of a good tragedy to help boost their own popularity, the high praise afforded Gainsbourg by the president was seemingly genuine towards a man who was often boorish, drunk, a philanderer, agent provocateur and general pain in the arse who got a hard-on pushing the buttons of the establishment whenever he could. The people of France loved him in spite of his bad boy behaviour, and somehow always found a way to forgive.” (The Quietus)

03. How Islamic punk went from fiction to reality

“There was a time when the words “Muslim radical” painted a clear enough picture – a young man strapped with explosives, perhaps, or a bearded cleric calling for Sharia law from Land’s End to John O’Groats. But things have changed. The protestors of the Arab Spring are both Muslim and radical, as are the bungling jihadis of Chris Morris’s movie Four Lions. And now a new film, The Taqwacores, attempts to further stretch the definition.” (Guardian)

04. Bouba/Kiki Thought Experiment

“Went to Bar Pitti last night with Malu and Will, and at some point one of them asked, regarding the many waiters running in and out, “Do you have to speak Italian (or be Italian?) to work here?”

I replied, “Imagine if they weren’t. Imagine if the menu and the specials scrawled on the little backboard were all in English—and there’s no reason they couldn’t be—would it be the same experience?” (David Byrne’s Journal)

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