Where the runway meets the street

The private sale giants at GILT have always been a slight distance away from other players in the “content-wrapped” shopping experience that has dominated the online men’s retail market for a good while now. GILT, in one way or another, refocused how shopper’s envisioned the goods they bought. Who didn’t want to be part of the club or at least learn the rules of what it took to be in the club?

On the other-hand, other players,  Yoox and Mr. Porter to name two,  emerged with their own direct to buyer model that pulled a good number of eyeballs and shoppers to well priced properties that offer their own strong range of collections – with a content offering of their own.

GILT, not one to sit back, decided it was time to drive some of those users in their direction.

Welcome Park and Bond, GILT’s new foray into the world men’s fashion. The site, which features a familiar list of more than 100 brands, including the likes of Thom Browne, McQueen, and N. Hoolywood, is a new shopping avenue in the content-retail space.  Using the strength of established relationships, Park and Bond is a big deal to many in the U.S.A.who already have established relationships with GILT.

People tend to stick (and shop) with who they know and trust. This is clearly a big win for both established customers and GILT. But it is still early. Either way, the consumer may be the winner as the retail game heats up.

We would love to know your take on Park & Bond.

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