01. A 4-Track Mind

“In this short, a neurologist issues a dare to a ragtime piano player and a famous conductor. When the two men face off in an fMRI machine, the challenge is so unimaginably difficult that one man instantly gives up. But the other achieves a musical feat that ought to be impossible.” (radiolab)

02. Hedi Slimane Photographs Frances Bean Cobain (above)

Photographer, Hedi Slimane, shoots Frances Bean Cobain, now 18 years of age.(hedislimane)

03. Google to Build Headquarters in Mountain View

“The award winning sustainable German architecture firm, Ingenhoven Architects, has been hired by Google Inc to design their new headquarters in Mountain View, California. Expected to begin construction in 2012, Ingenhoven approached the design with the idea that ‘the architecture should be an expression of the „corporate culture” and at the same time a model for sustainable architecture in the broadest sense surpassing the LEED-Platinum-Standards with its holistic concept’. Jordan Newman, a Google spokesman shared about Ingenhoven, “we’ve asked them to build the most green, sustainable building possible.”” (archdaily)

04. Welcome back, GmbH

“Last night in Glasgow the GmbH magazine store re-opened at a new address. Looks like a really well-designed presentation of a broad range of titles. The downside if you’re not in south west Scotland is they’ve suspended their online service for now.” (magculture)

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