01. Video: R/C car takes hydroplaning to a new level

“Yes, we all remember the classic scene from Speed Zone (also known as Cannonball Run 3 or Cannonball Fever) where the old man is out at the lake teaching his little grandson to skip stones. Just as he’s instructing on how to throw the stone at the correct angle, the training session is interrupted by a red Lamborghini Countach that flies off a short pier, skips across the water and ends up safely on the other side…” (autoblog)

02. Study confirms: Some people are way too invested in their favorite brand

“The study claims that people with high “self-brand connections” were more likely to perceive personal psychological injury when their brand was attacked, while those same people were likely to gloss over or ignore negative news concerning their brand.” (tuaw)

03.T-Mobile announces deal to sell prepaid at Family Dollar, costs more than a dollar

HOTD “A Radio Shack lost is a Family Dollar gained. Now that T-Mobile’s ended its allegiance with The Shack, the carrier’s looking for a few new companies willing to hoist its prepaid service up on a pedestal. Family Dollar, following in the footsteps of 7-Eleven, will be the next business to dole out the LG GS170 blister packs on T-Mo’s behalf. The phones will be sold for $30 and come with a $50 / month plan that consists of unlimited calls, texts, and 100MB data. With such a large emphasis now being placed on its no-contract offerings, we can’t help but wonder if this is the result of T-Mobile making an adjustment in its strategy. Any other companies want a piece of the prepaid pie?” (engadget)

04. Fucked Up – “The Other Shoe” Video (above)

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