Representing America’s pastime, Ebbets Field Flannels crafts some of our favorite caps and varsity jackets. Founded by Jerry Cohen, this Seattle-based brand supplies some of our favorite classic sporting items.

Where are you from?

Originally, I’m from Brooklyn, New York. I’ve been in Seattle since 1986.

How did you start?

I started because I wanted to wear a vintage baseball jersey and nobody was making them at the time. All I wanted were several for myself. I was playing in bands. But, it became an obsession. I ended up tracking down original fabrics and bought it one piece at a time. People saw them and wanted to buy them. So, naturally, I started the business.

What are the key features of your brand?

Authenticity. Timelessness, I think this is the key feature. We don’t respond to trends, we believe historic American athletic clothing will always be in style. We are as true as we can be to the original manufactures of what we are now doing.

What’s it like being part of PROJECT 10?

It is really exciting for us. We don’t usually do tradeshows because of the complexity of the brand. This is ideal for us, to be surrounded by small creative brands. It is exciting as well to see what other people are doing in the industry.

Finally, what is your favorite thing about Vegas?

I like old school Las Vegas, what is left of it. Downtown. I’m trying to find the remaining few spots.

Photography by Pete Williams for Selectism.

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