Meet George Guest, representing New England with fine hand crafted luggage and a proud part of our PROJECT 10 brand group.

Where are you from?

We are from Boston. We both, Alex and George, grew up just out side of the city and now live and work there.

How did you start?

It was an idea that started out of the need for a backpack that had features no other products had (a need that I didn’t see in any other bag), as a school business project that we won a school business plan grant. The original idea was based on an outdoor rolltop bag idea. When we both graduated, Alex came on board and we’ve been working on the design and the brand for the past 2 and half years.

What are the key features of your brand?

The patented roll top closure system. Definitely the materials. We sought out classic, durable materials. We used 18-0z canvas, full grain leather, and I think you’ll find all our products have a technical feature. All the features are inspired by usability in outdoor and urban environments.

What’s it like being part of Project 10?

It is our fist trade show, It is the first time we’ve really presented our products to a wide variety of people – press, retailers, fellow brands. It is an opportunity we probably wouldn’t have experienced until later on, as a young brand, this opportunity is perfect for us.

Finally, what is your favorite thing about Vegas?

It doesn’t sleep. You don’t have to go outside if you don’t want to.

Photography by Peter Williams for Selectism. View the full George Guest collection after the jump.

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