Where the runway meets the street

Jennifer Steeley (JJ) is CMO of Triple Aught Design, a San Francisco-based brand that equips travelers from the street to the wild… and expertly back again. We’re attracted to their innovative takes on classic design. We talked to Jennifer to learn more about Triple Aught Design live from the PROJECT 10 floor.

Where are you from?

We are from San Francisco.

How did you start?

Patrick Ma, our founder, is an avid outdoorsman and spent some time in the army. After he got out, he decided to focus on making gear that had the rugged performance that he saw in his GI kit with the technical advancements of outdoor gear. We started 14 years ago. We also make hard goods, with a special focus on custom knife designs.

What are the key features of your brand?

All performance driven. Built for rugged use. Multi-functional pieces, that you can use out in the field or in an urban context. High quality construction. Clean modern lines.

What’s it like being part of PROJECT 10?

There is a really good variety and we’re getting a chance to interact with people who are creating their own products. There is a huge emphasis on quality, and we have a lot of respect for the other brands showing here.

Finally, what is your favorite thing about Vegas?

Wow. The list is so long… But, really, it is getting inside stories from cab drivers. Apparently “I’m hungry” is hooker code to a pimp for needing to move on to the next John.

Photography by Pete Williams for Selectism.

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