Given that a good percentage of team Selectism is sight impaired, it was only natural to rope some eyewear into our PROJECT 10 fold. Rainer Metz, Lunettes Kollektion sales manager, shared his thoughts on the brand and highlights from the brand range.

Where are you from?

Berlin, Germany.

How did you start?

I got to know the brand because I am a stylist. I used the glasses in a shoot, and the brand owner loved them. After that I stayed, worked in the shop, and was asked to join them at a show in Munich and then became sales manager.

What are the key features of your brand?

A mix between traditional classic shapes with a modern twist. In all most every frame you’ll find a matte material, or something else new, or a play on a vintage shape with a quirky detail. A modern timeless collection.

What’s it like being part of PROJECT 10?

It’s quite exciting to get a new perspective. I’ve seen several trade shows now, and this is a nice small niche between so many brands with a different approach to what’s being shown here.

Finally, what is your favorite thing about Las Vegas?

I’ve been in jet lag since I arrived. It is a world of its own. You never have to step outside and you can just lose track of time. It is a special and unique feeling.

Photography by Pete Williams for Selectism.

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