01. Seven Independent Coffee Roasters

“Thanks to the likes of Portland’s Stumptown and Chicago’s Intelligentsia, the favor of independent micro-roasters over corporate coffee houses is not only seen among connoisseurs but mainstream Americans as well. To survey the latest we’ve dedicated our morning—and afternoon and evening—cups of coffee to finding the best artisinal purveyors from across the U.S. Below is a selection of seven cups of black gold that will not only keep your moving, but taste good too.” (coolhunting)

02. Forum Frenzy: Ekranoplans and Other Military Monsters

“An interesting thread for military buffs and transport geeks is lighting up the discussion boards. Check out halocooter’s link to a livejournal post with incredible images of the MD-160 ekranoplan, one of the largest sea planes ever constructed weighing in at over 400 tons. Share about the history of ground effect aircraft or other monster-sized military vehicles over on the discussion forum and check the pics ” (core77)

03. Writer’s Studio Cooper Joseph Studio

“Located in the woods near the owner’s main house, this one-room personal retreat is sculptural and abstract in its form, but traditional in use of materials. The client, a scientist, wanted open views out to the corners so that from his desk looking south to the fireplace, he could see the full expanse of his property.” (archrecord)

04. Yuri Suzuki: Three Radio Theremin

“Fans of comedian Bill Bailey will be well-versed in the musical potential of the theremin, an instrument usually associated with 1960s psychadelic rock. Now the curators of Object Abuse at The KK Outlet have challenged a roster of top artists and designers to reimagine everyday objects as something else, and the mercurial Yuri Suzuki has produced his very own theremin, using three ordinary radios. It has certainly set a high standard for the rest of the show, which opens next week.” (itsnicethat)

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