01. Mobolaji: Man of Many Styles

“The story of Mobolaji Dawodu is one of a well-traveled individual that’s experienced and realized that this world as a whole, shares more similarities than differences. Currently residing in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights by way of Nigeria, and a few places in between, Dawodu has always leaned towards the arenas of style and fashion. Dawodu’s insight is deeply rooted in an affirming culture and family that would only assist in molding his direction and place in this cyclical and fickle fashion industry.” (Brooklyn Circus)

02. Bookshelf: Richard Embray

“As publishers who seek a happy medium between championing writers or artists who have been erroneously overlooked and the brilliantly considered Familiars series which reintroduces us to the classics – it is safe to say that Four Corners Books know their stuff. The wonderfully original interpretations include illustrated books for adults, Dracula and Vanity Fair being notable, and some great referential art book editions – like Eduardo Paolozzi and Sister Corita. We invited Richard Embray, one half of the Four Corners duo, to pick five books from his shelves and in turn, offer an insight into their own publishing motivations.” (It’s Nice That)

03. Rappers Who’ve Collaborated With Michael Jackson

“Today, August 29th, marks the Born Day of the one and only late, great King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson. Though frequently sampled for rap songs MJ himself has only collaborated with rappers a handful of times in his illustrious career (and we don’t mean those “remixes” everybody and their cousin throws up on youtube). Originally published in ego trip’s Book of Rap Lists, here we re-present (with a few unreleased curiosities) an official run down of those emcees truly down with the King. MJ RIP.” (Egotripland)


“We don’t fixate on the new. We certainly fixate on the next, but that’s not necessarily progressive, just a movement or artifact that’s reproduced 1:1 to fill a gap before we’re onto the next slice of past that’s superfluous yet very necessary. I’m not too troubled by the absence of space cars. I’m alarmed at things I felt were borderline contemporary being deemed “old school” but that’s part of the ageing process, where we’re two steps from being embarrassing dad despite our best efforts to stay “down.” I’m curious to know why we like to recycle old movements though — this blog is defiantly steeped in ancient and unnecessary things because I still can’t shake off those preoccupations.” (Gwarizm)

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