This is a bit of a locally made story for those looking to keep their bicycles as locally “produced” as possible – in this case in the United States. When it comes to bike building, it is tough to get almost every part made or fabricated in the USA. I attempted to do so myself in 2009. You can get close… very close in fact. Somerville’s 44RN looks to bring it a bit closer with his 144#47 chainring, available now.

Aaron Panone, our food columnist, is also head of the one-man 44RN operation. He also happens to be an engineer who enjoys nothing more than to work special make-ups, especially bicycle parts, for those who care about the production behind their components. You can get the full story over on his personal site. The important notes are that the bolt circle sites at 144mm and each chainring has 47teeth made for ⅛ chains. 50 total units in black and polished. Enjoy.

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