01. What the Cooper-Hewitt Needs: More Design, Less Talk

“This month’s issue of Fast Company, “The United States of Design,” includes a profile of Bill Moggridge, director of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, co-founder of IDEO, and all around design world untouchable. The profile, by Jessica Lustig (a friend and former colleague), focuses on Moggridge’s big plans for the museum, which variously and vaguely include business partnerships, hands on programs, becoming a clearinghouse for other design organizations, and a better digital presence. What the article can’t, and Moggridge apparently won’t address, is what he’s actually going to do with the museum as a museum. When he lists the museum’s constituencies, designers come last.” (designobserver)

02. London Design Festival 2011: “Scaffolding Brut” at V&A

“Why do we give something so ubiquitous so little designerly love? “Scaffolding Brut” is an inspiring installation put together by Berlin-based BetaTank, asking this very question. The Germans offer a selection of playful ‘temporary scaffolding accessories’ including birdhouses, plant pots and even a porcelain radio. More of a call to arms than a fully formed solution, the installation leaves you wondering, if most of our cities are covered in the stuff, why isn’t scaffolding more of a feature of urban life, than the scourge of it. ” (core77)

03. 3R Tequila (above)

“3R Tequila is a 100% de Agave Organic Tequila, of remarkable smoothness, purity and strength, a spirit of passion, boldness and freedom. The brief 3R contacted Redthumb, a small independent branding agency, with an incredible opportunity – create a ‘kick-ass’ design for a brand with an incredible true family story.” (dieline)

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