01. YSL says no truth to Raf Simons rumours

“For everyone who was super-excited about the rumours, sparked this weekend by a report in the IHT, that Jil Sander’s Raf Simons was going to take over from Stefano Pilati as head designer at Yves Saint Laurent: well, Paul Deneuve, YSL’s chief executive, just told me it wasn’t true.

So there’s the official line.” (FT)

02. Jay-Z to Open Brooklyn Nets’ New Home With Concerts

“Jay-Z is the only NBA team owner whose musical talents people get excited for. Sorry, James Dolan.

So, it only makes sense that the New Jersey Nets’ minority owner would help usher in the Brooklyn Nets era with a series of concerts in his hometown. Jay-Z will reportedly unveil the team’s new name in a press conference today (expected to simply be “Brooklyn Nets”.)” (Slam Online)

03. Neon-Noirs: ‘Drive’ & An ’80s Aesthetic (Pictured)

“I really liked ‘Drive.’ If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to get embroiled in a rambling conversation about ’80s thrillers with me, then you’ll know that — as a child of the indy video store era — I love that genre. Title screens flash with neon, character actors crack skulls, fake blood is in abundance and when the films are at their best, there’s an inherent taint of sleaze. You can clean up the audio and video all you like, taking it to Blu-ray quality, but that sleaze is too tough to shift. ‘Drive’ is Nicolas Winding Refn’s tribute to that era and he gets it pitch perfect, while shaving off the crappier aspect, so those vintage Clubmasters of yours stay tinted. The urgency of Refn’s ‘Pusher’ trilogy seemed at odds with the cinematic rebirth of his often-ponderous ‘Valhalla Rising’ but here the deliberate pace is pitched perfect, indicating that he’s that he’s opted to (Michael) Mann up.” (Gwarizm)

04. How Street Style Changed the Frontier of Fashion Photography

“A few weeks ago, Marie Claire editor Taylor Tomasi Hill ran into an old friend outside a fashion show in Lincoln Center. They both stopped to catch up, but were interrupted by a man who tapped the friend on the arm. “Excuse me,” he said, “but do you mind stepping aside for a moment while I take her picture?” He was pointing to Tomasi Hill. Nonplussed, the friend backed away, and a swarm of photographers quickly closed in.” (The Cut)

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