01. Jeff Mills plots a Fantastic Voyage

“The techno veteran has been exploring themes of astrology in his music for a while now, but according to RA, Fantastic Voyage is set not in outer space, but in the human body.” (factmag)

02. jj Cover The Outfield’s “Your Love” (above)

“jj performing Your Love, Live at WAH. This video is from the Monsters of Pop festival edition series. Monsters of Pop is an independent music festival, in Tampere, Finland. This video was recorded live at Klubi’s sauna, on September 22nd, 2011. Video, cameras, sound and all that nonsense: Jukka Kujansivu, Jukka Salminen, Teemu Into.” (stereogum)

03. Amazon Kinde Fire

At $199, the Kindle Fire is the first major competitor to the iPad. It’s based around the Amazon eco-system which includes unlimited Amazon On-Demand movies and TV shows, music players, brower and more. If you want to stay on the Android platform, this is about your only choice on that OS. (amazon)

04. Can magnets make you lie?

“A small Estonian study is offering some hints that our brains could be even weirder than we’d imagined. Researchers found that magnetic pulses directed at a certain part of the frontal cortex affected whether people were more willing to fib, or more likely to tell the truth. Only 16 people were involved in the study, so these results are more something potentially cool to follow up on than a definitive declaration about brain function. There’s a good chance this could turn out to be a statistical fluke. But it is worth researching further. If the effect is real, it could have some really interesting ethical, legal, and neurobiological implications.” (boingboing)

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