01. Slow News (above)

“For my Masters in Graphic Design thesis project at New England School of Art and Design, I designed and stitched breaking news stories into cross stitch samplers. I juxtaposed content that is extremely fast and ephemeral (breaking news stories) with a very slow and archival medium (cross stitch). I wanted to see how this transference of medium affects the message of these stories and highlights the absurdity of the way stories are reported in the media and the way we consume them.” (sketchypixel)

02. Five minutes with… Appleblim

“Not only is he one of the UK’s greatest modern dance producers – as one half of the team behind Skull Disco he helped shape dubstep’s dark side, with a plethora of classics both solo and collaborative to his name, and in more recent times has honed his focus on curating one of Bristol’s most consistent labels in Applepips – but he’s also got great taste in all fields, and has a way with words that few others possess. In short, he’s always good value to chat to, so when his responses to the questions we sent him for a future FACT mix included comparisons to Mr. Kipling and “microphone dudes”, we decided they were worth a feature of their own.” (factmag)

03. The Zombie map of the world

“How do you combine an obsession with Zombie movies and data analysis of Google Maps? Simple, you produce the map, above. It was created by Oxford University’s Internet Institute – and the guys behind the fantastic dataviz site, Floating sheep: Mark Graham, Taylor Shelton, Matthew Zook and Monica Stephens.” (guardianuk)

04. Zebrano+Graphite

“I’ve been enjoying some Zebrano wood writing implements from e+m Holzprodukte of Germany: A ruler with embedded lead pointer, a ballpoint pen, a pencil extender, a 5.6mm leadholder, a 1.18mm mechanical pencil, and a 5.6mm leadholder. A couple of the historic shapes (the all wood 1.18mm and 5.6mm pieces) are less practical, but all of the implements are very pleasing to look at and hold.” (penciltalk)

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