Coca Cola follows up their  125th Anniversary presentation book with a capsule collection with New York’s Jack Spade. The collection features caps, t-shirts, coal bags, iPhone cases, and posters from Colby Poster Printing features some of the Coca-Cola’s famous taglines: “It’s The Real Thing”, “I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke” and 1989’s “You Can’t Beat The Feeling.”

The items are limited though: the prints are limited to 300 units while the caps are set to 150. Other items should be plentiful though. Cuan Hanly, VP/GM of Jack Spade had these thoughts on the collection: “Given both Jack Spade’s and Coca-Cola’s heritage in design, pop culture and whimsy, we feel the Jack Spade and Coca-Cola products truly represent this. After all, it’s the real thing…”

Photo above: Jacob Breinholt/

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