Another one from our friends at the CH: You’ll note today that Apple lifted their media embargo on the new iPhone 4s.  Most reviews are positive with focus in on the speed and power of the new phone. But to all those sitting on the iPhone 4 (including this writer), you still have one of the most powerful devices out there for mobility and communication… but you should buy a case.

Yes, I have dropped my iPhone and shattered that fragile glass screen. Yes, Applecare did me right by offering that un-official one-time courtesy replacement. And yes, the Apple Genius rep left me with one very important message: “buy a case.” Problem is I hate most cases, except maybe this leather sleeve from Slovenia’s Calypso. Their made from Italian leather and form fit to slip the iPhone 4 and 4s nicely into place. They’re priced at US$133, which is well less than the normal price for day the LV or Goyard varieties.

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