01. 11 October (Pictured)

Another set of great pictures (The Blue Hour)

02. The genesis of Mayweather’s greatness

“Bouncing back from a loss can be a daunting task for any athlete in any sport. Perhaps especially so for those who don’t get much practice at it.

In the case of the young fighter who walked into a Las Vegas ring exactly 15 years ago Tuesday, his previous loss had been one of the few defeats in a long and fruitful amateur career. But the victory he was about to savor would be the first in a long series of them that would include five championships in as many divisions, one of the most extraordinary success stories in boxing.” (ESPN)

03. Box set club: Frasier

“I’m currently rewatching all 264 episodes of Frasier. It’s the third time I’ve done this, which means I’ve spent roughly a week of my life watching the Crane clan’s on-screen antics. I’ve dedicated 7.92 days to the life and times of a pre-eminent Seattle psychologist, his friends, his family and his canine nemesis. And I cannot recommend it highly enough.

For 11 staggeringly enjoyable seasons, Frasier follows former Cheers regular Dr Frasier Crane, a psychologist turned talk-radio star who returns to his hometown, Seattle, after the failure of his marriage in the Boston-based sitcom. His time is divided between dodging fights with his father – a retired policeman who now lives with Frasier after being shot in the line of duty – lurching from one failed romance to another, and trying (unsuccessfully) to clamber up the greasy pole to acceptance among the Emerald City’s cultural elite.” (Guardian)

04. Breaking Down: Sly and the Family Stone’s “Sing a Simple Song” (1968)

“Joseph Schloss, music scholar and author of two essential books – Making Beats and Foundation – joins the Soul Sides Sliced team by breaking down one of the all-time funk classics, Sly Stone’s “Sing a Simple Song” from 1968.

To best appreciate the break down, listen to this on headphones. If that’s not convenient, stereo speakers can work too (just not as well).” (Soul Sides/Sliced)

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