01. COS supports Frame at Frieze Art Fair 2011

“COS are continuing their support in partnering with Frame at Frieze Art Fair this year. They believe the Frieze Art Fair reflects this outlook by supporting artists which challenge the boundaries of contemporary art.” (youtube)

02. Garbage Collectors: Scott Webel / Museum of Ephemerata

“Ephemerata Gardens collects all kinds of objects and life forms.1 Some are added on purpose, and others move into the landscape patch of their own volition. Collecting is a process whereby a habitat temporarily gathers things together in a net of emergent relationships. Sometimes a sorting mechanism aggregates collections by size, weight, composition, or information content. Other times everything is anarchically roiled and churned. Shiny silver candy wrappers and Styrofoam cup shreds blow into the yard from the alley. Nesting blue jays drop six-pack rings. A plastic grocery bag parachutes from the sky onto the tomatoes.” (flow)

03. Massive Attack vs. Burial – ‘Four Walls’

“Because despite the fact that Will Bevan clearly knows his way around a beat (I mean, ‘Near Dark’, come on), what makes his music so affecting is its rich, endlessly layered atmosphere and the timing with which those trademark flashes of light are deployed. That’s probably nothing new to anybody who’s listened to Untrue, but it’s worth noting when you listen to ‘Four Walls’ – Burial’s longest track to date, and for all intents and purposes, an ambient one. Sure, there’s drums – a clock-esque tick-tock fills the majority of the track, and a gated kick-drum closes it – but it’s never once concerned with rhythm; all that minimal tick-tock really represents is blank space for Burial to get as virtuoso and experimental with sound design as he ever has before.” (fact)

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