01. Julie Faure (pictured)

“Julie is a young business woman, who has taken her love for organic food, retro fashion and created her own communication company mixing her passions to luxury and sustainable development. Her apartment is her own beautiful creation, which mixes her close to ideal dwelling with her work space; everything from her dog Malitzia (that loves to be photographed), old photographs of her grandparents nicely arranged in a cabinet, to her antique jewelry, works together seamlessly. In this sweet and airy afternoon interview, she shows us her vintage universe, her fascinating objects and her passions beyond fashion and nature.” (Freunde Von Freunden)

02. Matthew Carter’s timeless typographic masthead for Private Eye magazine

“Tony Rushton has been art director of satirical magazine Private Eye for 49 of its 50 years. The fortnightly is celebrating its half-century with a small, free exhibition in two rooms at the Victoria & Albert museum.

I interviewed Rushton prior to the opening of the show, close by a wall covered with 50 of its distinctive covers (below), writes John L. Walters.” (Eye Magazine)

03. That’s Lester Bowie Baby

“Gotta love Lester; playful, challenging, always restless Lester. Ever see The Art Ensemble Of Chicago? A complete assault on the senses – all six of them. The musicians would come on stage and take you on a crazy journey thro’ the past, the present and onto the future of music – Great Black Music, as they’d announce at the end of the show. So extreme; from the verge of collapse, the music would magically become something beautiful and mesmeric, and yet with the threat, (or promise, maybe) of anarchy never far away.” (Garmsville)

04. For Boxing Pay-Per-Views In 2011, Skip The Main Events And Watch The Undercards

“For a long time, the conventional wisdom among boxing promoters was that fans only paid for the main events of pay-per-view cards, and that spending cash on the undercard fights was a money pit. As such, hardcore fans grumbling about poor undercards has been one of the more serial grumbles of their beleaguered fandom. I quote them directly: “Rabble, rabble.”

But in 2011, it’s the main events that are leaving fans uttering “Rabble, rabble.” And it’s the undercards that are reminding them why they love the sport, whether by the design of promoters or lucky accident.” (Queensbury Rules)

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