The Lytro Light Field Camera is going to be a blast. Lytro Inc. announced today their first consumer light field camera and it looks pretty damn awesome. This small, but amazing camera enables the user to easily capture an image with the simple press of a button (doesn’t sound too special being that that is how one normally captures an image, but there’s more to it). What is captured is a living image brought possible by the camera’s ability to capture the entire field of light, as opposed to a single plane of light like conventional cameras. As a camera enthusiast, this is great. You also are given the ability to focus your image after it is taken. In fact, if you go to Lytro’s site, you can scroll through an image library in which you can play around with the focus of a whole slew of images. This post would have been completed sooner if it were not for that pleasant distraction. Two different cameras are available in 3 different colors at the moment. A 16gb, which will get you 750 images is available, as well as an 8gb that will give you 350 images.

[quote]The pocket-sized camera, which offers a powerful 8x optical zoom and a f/2 lens in an iconic design, creates interactive “living pictures” that can be endlessly refocused. The camera is available in two models and three colors, starting at $399.


Take a look at the camera after the click.
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