01. ICH BIN EIN BERLINER! (Pictured above)

“Pretending to be a Berliner or a doughnut? A Berliner. (Kennedy was right.)

So here are the things I enjoyed while living in Berlin.” (This is Naive)


“Managed to contain my afternoon’s work gathering clothes for a young comedian’s new look yesterday entirely in the Shoreditch manor. This was both pleasant and amusing. Some of my key shops are there for certain manoeuvres, Sunspel, Present and Start for example.” (Style and Error)

03. The Next Project: Four Stories

“I’ve been hinting at this for a while, but the time has finally come for me to talk about the next issue of Letter to Jane. If you’ve read anything I’ve said for a while I’ve probably included the word “different” in there somewhere. Looking back I now realize that I’ve probably overused that word already before things have even gotten started. It was really all I could say because for a long time I didn’t know what the next issue would look like, I just knew it couldn’t be the same. Now I don’t want to say too much because I don’t have the issue finished. I have some things setup, tech demos made, interviews scheduled, etc, but nothing is at the point where I want to speculate what the exact final version will look like. I guess I know what I want, but I don’t want to settle yet. I do want to take a moment to try to get past “different” and get into some real details, or at least bring up some points for continued discussion.” (Letter to Jane)

04. Rivalry

“I don’t want to hate things – it’s just in my DNA. I’m British. If it’s successful and we’re not getting a piece of the pie — or if it’s different — that’s grounds for hatred. Hate’s such a strong term too, thrown about by the kind of people who would shake the object of their hatred’s hand face-to-face, but call them a prick behind their back. Most of the time, I don’t actually hate something — I’m usually responding to middling things that I’m ambivalent about with a half-hearted negativity that’s not nearly as potent as hatred should be.” (Gwarizm)

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