01. Stream the New Atlas Sound Album

“Inscrutable? Cryptic? Finding the right word to describe Bradford Cox is not easy. The Atlanta-based musician, lead singer of the popular indie rock band Deerhunter and mastermind behind the more esoteric solo project Atlas Sound, is tall and lanky and moves with a long, excited gait thanks to a genetic condition of the connective tissue called Marfan Syndrome. He’s gone through wild periods of provocation involving onstage cross-dressing and fake blood. He’s written song lyrics inspired by subversive Dennis Cooper novels. Spending time with him is a roller coaster ride that sweeps those around him up through various random-seeming whims and high-strung emotions.” (nyt)

02. Edo Pop: The Graphic Impact of Japanese Prints

“Now on view at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Edo Pop: The Graphic Legacy of Japanese Prints shares historic prints of hedonistic pleasures and extravagant pastimes. From beautiful women (read hookers) to travel, these prints hit at the popular culture of  the Edo Period (1615-1868) and had massive influence on Western artists when the doors to japan were opened in the 1850s. The legacy continues today, with contemporary artists pulling from Japanese prints, proving them to be part of one of the world’s great artistic traditions. We see Edo nodes in graffiti and hip-hop styled works, and much more, today. Curated by Matthew Welch, the exhibition runs through January 8, 2012.” (complex)

03. Visionaire Made the World’s Biggest Magazine

“The new issue of Visionaire boasts Lady Gaga dressed as a mermaid on the cover — the goth, black-tailed version of mermaid, naturally. But the bigger news relating to the issue is that, measuring 36 by 49.48 inches, it made the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s biggest magazine. Then, because they wanted to set the record a second time, they made a “deluxe” edition measuring 57.48 by 79 inches, which is going to be truly wonderful for all the terribly farsighted fashion and art enthusiasts out there who never get any love. To see what a magazine of that size looks like next to models, watch the neat video Visionaire made to illustrate their own literal magnitude.” (nymag)

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