Germany’s Beyerdynamic is an in-house favorite (see previous coverage) for travel and home use. Their T50p Tesla is another well priced heaphone that will satisfy a listener looking for a set of headphones for both various uses, but they are widely known for their quality as a portable. The T50p Tesla silver base model comes in at an easy $190. It should be on your radar if you are in the market for a proper audio experience with a very simple design aesthetic.

The Beyerdynamic T50p Tesla is the headphone for that user who would never consider Beats by Dre based on their design. Simply put, the finish on the Tesla is beautiful, clean, and sonically superior.

Even more impressive is the T50p “Manufaktur” edition, which allows users to fully customize the look of the headphones from band to pads, in beautiful leather finished. Available on Beyer Dynamic’s online shop, the Manufaktur even allows you to choose the color of the stainless steel on the band. Ostirch is there as well in the leathers. The price does jump significantly with the T50p “Manufaktur:” expect to pay around $400 for the benefit of salmon skin on your cushions.

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