Absolut give us a look at one of the many performances that make up their Absolut Blank Live project. Step up Miss Jamie Winstone. Employing the skills of Saam Farahmand, the video whizkid behind stunning work for the likes of XX, Janet Jackson, Soulwax and Tom Vek, they were never going to go far wrong. A London-centric happening, participants were asked to enter their own magical musical pod and dance, sway or bang out shapes to their favourite track. Visual effects wizards, The Mill (better known for their big budget work for Harry Potter, Gladiator and Tomb Raider) developed a system of real-time digital trails that follow body movements using 3D motion tracking, resulting in unique portraits reflecting the cities diverse creativity. With the first round of solo dance offs over, the second runs 16th – 27th November at Ely’s Yard in Shoreditch. Polish your tap shoes and start limbering up.

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