We’re very proud of the collaborative TUMI Alpha Duffle Bag we worked on this year. We love it so much that we figured it was high time to share our own looks and thoughts on the process. First and foremost, we need to thank TUMI for working with us on this project. We went through several revisions of the duffle bag before landing on what is a unique and new design to the TUMI line up. The four-in-one duffle is the first TUMI bag of its kind and built for our staff’s traveling needs.

The TUMI Alpha series was the inspiration for the Selectism duffle bag. The digital camo collection back in 2009 may have started it for us; this weekend duffle has been used by some on our staff for years now. Like most TUMI products, it has taken its fair beating through luggage returns and, as expected, performs as well as it did on day one. We believed that the TUMI duffle form was where we needed to start. With the help of TUMI we began to add in new features to make it even more versatile; the additions of the removable laptop sleeve, camera/day pouch, and tote bag came from these conversations and solved our specific needs which we’re sure others have as well. These features are the heart of our Selectism by TUMI Alpha Four-in-One Duffle Bag.

Photography: Jeff Carvalho/Selectism.com

More looks and thoughts on our TUMI Alpha Four-in-One Duffle Bag after the click.

We love to keep our travel minimal but find it necessary at times to hau secondary bags for all the wonderfu goods and products we collection while traveling. The removable tote bag solves this dilemma with an easy to unzip tote bag. Use it when your carry-on goes above that weight limit, or better yet, clean up at duty-free and fill it. We do!

When traveling for a short two day trip, the Selectism by TUMI duffle offers a laptop compartment on the front. Unzip it for a a simple and tight laptop/iPad bag to carry to your next meeting. Taking a stroll through town and need a simple pouch for your wallet and camera? Zip off the side pouch and you are ready to go.

All in all, the Selectism by TUMI Alpha is a solution to our travel needs: a strong durable bag, which looks great and offers easy expansion and storage for those moments when you do not need to carry the full duffle, but would prefer to not pack away a day bag or laptop case.

Available now from Park & Bond.

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