There is a circle of headphone audiophiles that profess their love for wood. They discuss a very special sound or “resonance” that comes from the vibration of sound through and past certain woods. I am no expert in the niche of wood, but after experiencing a few hours with Thinksound’s ts02+ earbuds, I may have to explore more.

Thinksound is a new audio start-up from New Hampshire that focuses on two very important goals: delivering the best sound possible and keeping the environmental footprint of their products to a bare minimum. You will note their eco-friendliness straight off from their packaging: earbuds and accessories sit inside a recycled cardboard tray; the external box is made from recycled material as well. Thinksound takes the concept of eco-friendliness further by using PVC-free cabling. The wood housing is of course sustainable as well. For those who put importance on design, the wood grain is a pleasantly distinct look on the earbuds and I have yet to find a similar look in this market.

But we’re here for sound, first and foremost. We tested the $90 Thinksound ts02+mic. They do an admirable job of delivering very good sound through your iPod or portable player with not much compromise in sound. While the mids and highs are not as prominent and detailed as other earbuds on the market, the Thinksound ts02 performs above the fold:  vocals are clearly heard through the music and on the all important bass end, the ts02  shines very well. I personally like my bass to be full body in sound without the harsh and overbearing rumble. You get that with the ts02+mic model.

For the mobile user, the ts02+ includes a microphone with call/music control. Those looking to use these earbuds in loud environments such as subways, airplanes and offices will be more than impressed with the noise isolating seal of the ts02. In fact, it is one of the better sealing earbuds I have tested in some time (they include multiple earbud sizes for your comfort).

The Thinksound ts02+ will easily get a thumbs up from “bass heads” as well as those looking to enjoy traditional acoustic, folk and rock sounds through a pair of earbuds without compromising too much on details found in the high end. It is difficult not to recommend them at this price when you have options in woods: choose between black chocolate and silver cherry. Also available without mic for $80 on Amazon.

Photography: Jeff Carvalho/

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