01. 100 Greatest Dance Records (Ever)

#essential A very open history of dance music from 1960 through present day. Beyond recommended. (djhistory)

02. BBC One In The Jungle Archive – Jungle/Drum n Bass

#essential A highly influential show on the BBC which ran from 1994 – 1999. Radio recorded cassettes of this show circulated well beyond the broadcast range of United Kingdom. I still have some.  Everyone represented: Nicky Blackmarket, Adam F, Peshay, Shy FX. #ridiculous (1inthejungle)

03. Imagining Housing For Today

“Serious architecture is another way to describe Bronx Park East. It is a single-room occupancy residence, an S.R.O., built to house tenants who had been homeless. Sunny, with modest kitchens and full bathrooms, its apartments are smaller (around 285 square feet) than otherwise legally permitted for studios in New York because different rules apply to housing for social service clients. The building has a handsomely proportioned facade, spacious public rooms and light-filled hallways, none of it standard for an S.R.O.” (newyorktimes)

04. Japanese Artist Creates Edible Headpieces Out of Raw Veggies and Flowers

“They say you are what you eat, but should you also wear what you eat too – on your head? That’s what Japanese artist”  (inhabitant)

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