01. Erin Templeton (pictured)

“Designer and vintage picker Erin Templeton is one of those people that you can’t help but gravitate towards. Her store front is as unique as the creator; always interesting and definitely creative. Her bags are coveted by those who own them and the vintage clothing sold in her store is thoughtfully picked. Erin invites us to her humble abode, a place that reminds me of a cute little cabin getaway in the heart of Strathcona.” (Zero 1)

02. Sepp Blatter’s dereliction of duty over racism is scandalous

“Spider-man tells us that with great power comes great responsibilities. Sepp Blatter tells us that it comes with great arrogance and great ignorance. The Swiss has been proving that for many years now, so his comments suggesting that footballers shouldn’t get so het up about being racially abused when all it takes to ensure such abuse won’t happen again is a simple handshake, although infuriating from a man in his position, came as no surprise. He has quite a repertoire of blithe fob-offs, including belittling legalised homophobic persecution by glibly joking that gays should stop acting gay for the duration of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. For someone who considers himself one of the planet’s foremost statesmen and nurtures genuine aspiration to win the Nobel peace prize, Blatter can be an absurd galoot.” (Guardian)

03. American Graphic

“Artist Dave White discusses his inspirations, his career, and his love of all things Americana. And, just in time for the holidays, the famed painter generously gifts us an exclusive new image [or two], inspired by a recent trip out west.

“It’s a battle,” says Dave White, describing his dynamic painting process on an impossibly sunny September afternoon in his hometown of Liverpool. “It’s almost a perfect reflection of the people and the struggle I’m representing, and battles are won and battles are lost on that canvas.” (Ralph Lauren)

04. “Fuck This Interview!” Mike Patton Speaks His Mind

“On the line from San Francisco, Mike Patton has a lot to talk about. It’s been a busy year again. In fact it’s been it’s been a frantic few months, what with the release of a new Fantomas DVD: The Director’s Cut: A New Year’s Revolution, his Solitude of Prime Numbers soundtrack just out and a recent appearance at the Hollywood Bowl alongside Beck and Jean Claude Vannier to play Serge Gainsbourg’s Histoire de Melody Nelson and Vannier’s lost-and-found cult classic L’enfant Assassin des Mouches.” (The Quietus)

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