01. Drunks On Canvas: The 11 Most Inebriated Moments In Art History

“While Adam and Eve caused the entire fall of man by eating an apple, our prehistoric ancestors may have eaten some rotting fruit off the ground that contributed to the development of civilization as we know it.  The fermented fruit contained mankind’s first taste of alcohol, and mankind has yet to stop chasing that buzz.” (complex)

02. Kompakt unveils Pop Ambient 2012

“Curated as usual by label co-founder Wolfgang Voigt, Pop Ambient 2012 features two contributions from Voigt himself – one of which is a track from Mohn, his new collaborative “ambient-grunge-downbeat” project with longtime sparring partner Jörg Burger. Other participating artists are Superpitcher (pictured), Triola, Magazine (the Cologne electronic group rather than Howard Devoto’s post-punk ensemble), Bvdub, Marsen Jules, Loops Of Your Heart, Morek and ex-Slowdive member Simon Scott.” (fact)

03. African Photography from Bamako to Cape Town

“For its 15th anniversary Paris Photo will celebrate African photography with a unique anthology of emerging and established photographers at the Grand Palais. The sweeping four-day exhibition, dubbed “From Bamako to Capetown,” offers real insight into the continent’s diverse range of cultures, from fast-growing capitals in the northwest to post-apartheid South Africa.” (coolhunting)

04. Wu LYF – We Bros (above)

The new single from this emerging band. Mainstream friendly.

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