Not more than a half decade past, the swinging pendulum of the Head Porter camera pouch on a carabiner was the symbol of Japanese “street fashion” moving into the west. Argue it as you may, but the very few (initiall) who could get their hands on the pouch coveted them. The price was nominal compared to the Porter full-sized bag offerings. Like the GUCCI belt, it was one of those well priced items affordable by all.

Today, things are a bit different. The expansion of Porter pouch love moves into new territory. Take the Baxter of California’s “Grooming Implements” kit, which features a custom Porter pouch shell and three grooming tools: a  nail file, tweezers, and nail clipper – all marked with the “Baxter of California” name. $140 makes this an excellent gift option for the person in your life who needs some upkeep help.
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