01. Scarlett Johansson

“Scarlett Johansson’s new film, We Bought a Zoo, is based on the true story of Benjamin Mee, a British journalist who moves with his family into a house on a piece of property that contains a private zoo that has fallen into disrepair. Following the untimely death of his wife, Mee decides to focus his energies on refurbishing the zoo and making a new home not only for the animals that live there, but for his grieving family as well.” (interview)

02. The 23 Highest Paid Ukrainian Soccer Players

This is important stuff! “Ukrainian soccer has its traditions. One of them is to keep financial details in secret. This also concerns plaeyrs’ profits. Eurpean footbal clubs don’t hide this information from public. For example Madrid Real and Manchester United show all the details …” (englishrussia)

03. Hunting Record Collectors and Vinyl: ‘Mustafa – Istanbul, Turkey’

#recommended “In the same trip to Istanbul, in my search for record collectors and vinyl, I came across Bengi Berksoy and her beautiful shop in Taxim, the modern part of Istanbul. Her shop is located in an old school shopping bazaar, with a variety of second hand shops, book shops and old posters and memorabilia.” (dustandgrooves)

04. Pornography is an attitude and an intention

“Ever since it was first published in France in 1955, Lolita — Vladimir Nabokov’s novel about a middle-aged man’s obsession with, and seduction of, a young teenage girl — has, unsurprisingly, courted controversy. The following letter was written by the author in 1956 to a friend named Morris Bishop, and offers in its third paragraph a fantastic glimpse at Nabakov’s reaction to the uproar surrounding his “best book.” Said uproar grew, and within months the novel was banned temporarily in Britain and France.” (lettersofnote)

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