01. Official: Jeep shows Wrangler Nautic concepts in Paris

“For those with a love of the ocean and a heady wind at the sails, there’s the White Jeep Wrangler by Style & Design. Said to be inspired by sailboats, the White is highlighted in chrome, which covers the 20-inch chrome wheels, seven-slat grille, door handles and trunk hinges. The interior is swathed in Navy White leather with wooden-deck-style coverings for the floors, dash, console, doors and gearlever.” (autoblog)

02. Nissan Leaf to get inductive charging, lose its stem in 2013

“Nissan has big plans for the still-budding Leaf. The Japanese automaker lit up its impressive Leaf-powered Smart House at the Tokyo Motor Show last week, but also demoed its wireless charging solution for a much smaller crowd at the company’s Oppama factory. The device uses electromagnetic induction to transfer power between a charging pad and a receiver on the bottom of the car, with an efficiency level between 80 and 90 percent — simply park your EV directly above the system to begin charging, and monitor progress on the ground transmission unit’s control panel.” (engadget)

03. Audi Social Media Spokesman Criticized for Tweeting Behind the Wheel

“An image of a spokesperson affiliated with the auto industry resting an iPad on his steering wheel while driving has created a stir online as automakers ramp up efforts to bring greater awareness to the dangers of using technology on the road.” (mashable)

04. Volkswagen Unveils Its Plug-in Hybrid AWD Cross Coupe Concept at the Tokyo Auto Show

“Volkswagen has just revealed its new plug-in hybrid AWD Cross Coupe Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, and it displays the direction the company will be heading in its design for future vehicles. We love the raked angles that flow back to the unique taillights, but the really impressive design is under the hood, where VW has packed two electric motors paired with a direct-injected, turbocharged engine and a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.” (inhabitant)

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