Today, we head over to Europe for a taste of Italy through the eyes of Marco Ravanetti, the editor of one of our favorite sites, Men’s Reveire. We asked him to pick eight of his favorite items for the holidays; goods that could serve as gifts for just about anyone. We of course get a very discreet list what can only be seen as a very considered offering.

As Mr. Ravanetti tell us, “Yes, I do love gifts. A lot, although I don’t receive them very often. Due to this, eight, is a very tight number, therefore, I hope Jeff will allow me to cheat just a tiny bit.” Yes, sir, you can cheat.

Click for more looks at the eight gift selections from Italy’s Marco Ravanetti.

Four Travel Destinations

First gift, a nice relaxing – and expensive – vacation. The choice here goes to something not too far and the gorgeous Costiera Amalfitana or Capri serve the purpose at perfection. The il San Pietro di Positano is one of my favorites but also Le Sirenuse, the Hotel Caruso, and Punta Tragara in Capri are worth a look.

Irving Jacket

Second gift, a nice and hard to find vintage Leather Jacket. In this case a beautiful Irving Jacket, but also a B3 or a B7 Parka would work.

Daniele Ruffa Shoes and Boots

The third gift is related to one of my many weaknesses and passions: shoes. My first choice goes on a model by Daniele Ruffa, a very good Italian designer who happened to work for Tricker’s. Unfortunately I couldn’t find yet the model I like in my size and so, some good alternative could be, of course, Tricker’s, Church’s, Edward Green, John Lobb, Alden Saint Crispin’s, etc. etc. etc.

Numero 10 Bags

The fourth position goes to another kind of accessories that i really appreciate: bags. In this case the choice went on a Numero 10 bag, a artisanal label based in Bologna, but the list of suitable alternatives could go on, and on.


The fifth gift could be a sweater. A nice turtleneck or rollneck sweather. Cashmere would be my first choice but I’m open to discussion. The model in the picture is from Altea but I wouldn’t mind also one from Drumhor, William Lockie or Loro Piana.

Lytro  Camera

The sixt gift is one that represents of a category that cannot be forgotten in a gift list. In this case the Lytro is a new camera that allow us to define the focus of the picture we take, after we have shooted them. Simply genial.

“Norman Mailer, Bert Stern: Marilyn Monroe” Book

I do really love books and they are always more than welcomed

Best Made Company Axes

The last position is left for the most “symbolic” of my list of gift. It is heavily related to the economic and politic situation we are living in Italy and the need, the urge, to drastically cut with a past of bad, bad politics. So, an axe, beautifully designed by Best Made Company, sounds just perfect.

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