Where form meets function

Media mogul George Kravis has been collecting beautiful objects for years now. Having owned several radio stations at one stage in his life he now sits on the board of the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa Oklahoma, where a portion of his incredible collection resides. His specialist subject is early to mid twentieth century American industrial design, particularly those streamlined objects that came out of the depression era.

As Coolhunting describes “it was a movement based on endowing basic, domestic objects with a sleek, aerodynamic style that belied an optimistic interpretation of the future”. From radios to lamps, furniture to kitchen gadgets, these incredible products hark back to a time when form was as important as function. To see a small selection of George’s collection check out the ‘Stamps of approval’ exhibition at the Smithsonian Castle, Washington D.C until 29 April 2012.

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