01. “Surfland” by Photographer, Joni Sternbach

“Joni Sternbach makes her photographs of surfing culture in tintype, a labor-intensive technique that requires the application of chemicals to a metal plate. SurfLand, her first solo exhibition at a major art museum, reveals her fascinating body of work that’s at once historical yet completely contemporary”

02. Stop The Water While Using Me Cosmetics

Stop The Water While Using Me is a small brand from Hamburg and was founded a few months ago. The idea is to deliver high quality products, made in germany, but also to have a message to be careful with the water consumption.

03. A History of Wester Typefaces

“You see approximately 490,000 words every day — and that’s just on the web. If the designers behind those websites are any good, they put a lot of thought into the typefaces they use on each page. Fonts don’t just display letters as words and sentences. They convey emotion, attitude and tone. They call out what information is most important and help you navigate through a site. Hate Comic Sans? You’re not alone. There are plenty of reasons for despising the font, according to many fontographers and font enthusiasts. Love Helvetica? You’re not alone — many designers love its clean and simple aesthetic. The infographic … presents a history of typefaces, incorporating fun tidbits from tech, pop culture and the web. Do you know what font the Google logo is? What about Facebook? Take a peek below to learn these and more.”(mashable)

04. FACT Magazine Top 50 Albums of 2011.

And here we go…. (fact)

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