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Our good friend, Eugene Kan over at Hypebeast shares his eight holiday picks for 2011. The Hong Kong based writer and thinker clearly knows what he want for the holidays – many of those gifts are subtle reminders of his years in North America. We still got something going on right over here. We love DQ as well. Follow him @eugenekan

Read and see more of Eugene Kan’s eight holiday selections after the click.

Sony NEX-7

I don’t really need an update on my current Sony NEX-5 (although there are some dead pixels floating around), but most reviews for the less than readily available camera are nothing but favorable aside from some easily fixable software issues. In many ways I’m turned off by the 24 MP but ISO is good and it seems like the best digital back for legacy lenses out now.

ASUS Transformer w/ GSM

The ASUS Transformer recently dropped and since I’m an Android user gimme some of this rather than some iPad crap. It would be nice to do some simple work away from home while commuting that doesn’t involve a 3 inch Smartphone screen. It must be noted, the “w/ GSM” part technically doesn’t exist but you know it’s coming. ($400)


Who doesn’t have a belt? But I would like a nicer one, not picky about brand aside from thick and heavy as fuck.

DQ Ice Cream Cake

I have to go to Macau for more nearest DQ Blizzard fix and frankly that’s too far given I’m not really a gambler. DQ has been my guilty pleasure since back in the day in Canada. Screw being lactose intolerant, I WANT AN ENTIRE ICE CREAM CAKE.


I guess me and Nick Schonberger are in the same boat in wanting a dog. I want a dog to make me feel important when I come home.

A new pair of Nke Soccer Socks

I talk a lot of shit every Sunday and subsequently I’ve been subjected to some rather unsavory tackles. My right foot is starting to develop a growing hole that obviously won’t fix themselves. They need to be Nike though since they’re our “kit sponsor”… but I say that carefully cause I think the management bought the kits off Taobao and they’re of questionable authenticity. ($6)

Big Ass Steak

I wish China and Hong Kong wasn’t so pork dependent, I want a big ass steak the size of my faceeeeeeeeeee! HK people are notoriously small eaters so big steaks are hard to come by. (photo credit)

Rocket Pack

The commute home after work is driving me insane. I have to go through two perpetually traffic logged tunnels, I would like to bypass ALL of that and be home within 30 minutes, that would be ideal. (photo credit)

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