01. Five minutes with… Matthew Dear

“The former is a collaborative EP that sees Dear working alongside Fever Ray producers Van Rivers and the Subliminal Kid, and The Drums’ frontman Jonathan Pierce, while Beams is the full-length follow up to Dear’s acclaimed last album, Black City. As Dear explained to FACT over email, it’s an album with “a bit more hopefulness” than his past work.” (fact)

02. Student Spotlight: Kleenex Desktop Companion

“This project began with a thought to design packaging with designers in mind, so I started to brainstorm for everyday items that could be reimagined and eventually landed upon Kleenex.” (dieline)

03. Corona Beer Board Game

“6 beers and a board game — yet same weight as before. Simply flatten the box into the game, and use your bottle-caps as the game pieces. Dice and game cards are downloaded to your smartphone via scanning the QR code. Only one download is needed for up to 6 people to play. Drink, socialize, and have fun— Corona isn’t just another boring beer company and we’ve got the board to show it.” (potw)

04. Salon by Takara Space Design

“Completed by Tokyo studio Takara Space Design, the three-storey salon joins together two buildings – a former gallery and an old shoe shop.” (dezeen)

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