01. Kate Bellm (Pictured)

Freunde von Freunden visits another place in Berlin we’d love to live in. (Freunde von Freunden)

02. 2011’s best short stories

“Are these hard times for the short story? Perhaps not so very tough: in his introduction to The Best British Short Stories: 2011 Nicholas Royle mentions the increase in UK-based paper and ink publications regularly publishing short fiction and concludes that “there have been harder times for the short story”, and I think he’s right. In the introduction to the The Granta Book of the African Short Story, meanwhile, Helon Habila notes that across the continent “the internet is today doing what the newspapers and magazines did to the development of the short story in Europe and America at the start of the industrial age”. (Guardian)

03. One Cut

“This is the story of one cut. Back in October 2010 George Osborne announced £95 billion in cuts to public services, saying he’d leave it to councils to choose what to shut down. Inevitably most of the casualties ended up being unrenowned places, unlikely to stir up much protest – drop-in centers in housing estates, inner-city park rangers, community theatres, etc. I wanted to write about just one of them, about the ripples created by a single closure. I made my selection quite randomly. I chose a place called Youthreach. I didn’t know much about them, only that they offered weekly counseling sessions to young people, aged 11–25, in Greenwich, South East London.” (Jon Ronson)

04. 2011 round of year: Kirkland-Angulo

“You’ve heard the term “bull in a china shop,” right? Now imagine if two bulls were actually let loose at the same time in said china shop.

The ensuing destruction would probably look pretty much like the first round of the James Kirkland-Alfredo Angulo fight. Wild, with heavy-duty contact. Violent. Total chaos in a small area. Easily the 2011 ESPN.com round of the year.” (ESPN)

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